What is the NATS Advantage?

  1. Powerful tools for identifying career opportunities
  2. Significant Advantage - NATS Advantage gives our students a significant advantage over individuals who do not have access to this technology
  3. Web-based solution is integrated into the NATS web site

What are the benefits to the NATS Advantage?

  1. Provides powerful tools for a targeted job search campaign
  2. NATS Advantage is designed for the job seeker—it is unlike employer-funded job sites
  3. Consolidates new job postings from thousands of independent local sources
  4. Delivers access to a much larger number of local job opportunities than any other source
  5. Reduces the number of missed job opportunities—simply impossible for an individual to identify and then keep an eye on all the sources monitored by NATS Advantage
  6. Most job opportunities captured by NATS Advantage are not available on any employer- sponsored sites